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Resort to Murder

[cover]Resort to Murder: Thirteen More Tales of Mystery by Minnesota's Premier Writers
Published by Nodin Press, Minneapolis
ISBN: 1-932472-47-9
Price: $16
Contributors: William Kent Krueger, Jess Lourey, Ellen Hart, David Housewright, Scott Pearson, Pat Dennis, Carl Brookins, Joel Arnold, Deborah Woodworth, Barbara DaCosta, Michael Allan Mallory, Moira Harris and Judith Yates Borger
With an Introduction by Lorna Landvik

In the fall of 2005, Nodin Press published the first mystery short story anthology edited by The Minnesota Crime Wave: The Silence of the Loons. The collection was an immediate success. Very quickly, the Crime Wave began fielding two questions that over the past couple of years have been asked again and again: Will there be another anthology? And if so, will you call it Silence of the Loons 2?

We are pleased to announce the imminent answer to both questions.

Like its predecessor, Resort to Murder is an anthology of mystery stories set in Minnesota and written by Minnesota authors. It differs significantly and in interesting ways from the first collection. This time we opened the doors to authors who, though published, are not necessarily known as mystery writers. For several, this is the first story they've ever attempted in the genre. The wonderful result is a collection of tales that vary greatly in their structure, their voice, and their approach. They all have one element in common, however. Each story is set in a Minnesota resort.

The resorts in this collection are fictional. However, readers familiar with those get-away destinations and the inevitable memories tied to them—of favorite family vacations, bittersweet love affairs, or soul-saving escapes from the mad crush of life—may find some striking similarities with actual resorts they know well. In fact, we invite speculation about the true location that inspired each story.

This is the perfect book to bring along when you take off for that week at the lake. If, while reading it late at night, you should hear phantom footsteps in the dark woods outside your cabin, remember that these tales are fiction, the product of fruitful imaginations. Still, you might want to keep a light on, just in case.

Orders for the anthology can be made at fine bookstores everywhere.


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