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The Minnesota Crime Wave's TV show airs on CTV-15 in the Twin Cities. If you're not in the viewing area, you can catch the program here!

Episode 1
Segment 1: Introduction of Crime Wave authors/hosts
Segment 2: Author Pete Hautman
Segment 3: General discussion of our craft

Episode 2
Segment 1: Description of host authors' writings
Segment 2: Author Mary Logue
Segment 3: The Maltese Falcon

Episode 3
Segment 1: Agents
Segment 2: Author Lorna Landvik
Segment 3: Dennis Lehane & Gone Baby Gone

Episode 4
Segment 1: Anthologies Silence of the Loons & Resort to Murder
Segment 2: Loft director Jocelyn Hale
Segment 3: Bloody Halls

Episode 5
Segment 1: Topic is The Postman Always Rings Twice
Segment 2: Author Robert Alexander
Segment 3: Thunder Bay

Episode 6
Segment 1: 15 significant mystery authors or books
Segment 2: Bookstore owner Gary Schulze
Segment 3: Mystery conventions

Episode 7
Segment 1: Mystery fiction settings
Segment 2: Author David Housewright
Segment 3: The Mortal Groove

Episode 8
Segment 1: The importance of libraries
Segment 2: Stu Wilson, Friends of the Saint Paul Public Library/Minnesota Book Awards
Segment 3: Plot and its place in the mystery novel

Episode 9
Segment 1: The art and craft of writing: can it be taught?
Segment 2: Author M.D. Lake
Segment 3: Character development

Episode 10
Segment 1: Titles: good, bad and disastrous
Segment 2: Marilyn Victor, Twin Cities Sisters in Crime
Segment 3: More on character development

Episode 11
Segment 1: Small town settings
Segment 2: St. Cloud mystery author Jess Lourey
Segment 3: Humor in mysteries

Episode 12
Segment 1: Reviews and reviewers
Segment 2: Mary Ann Grossmann, Saint Paul Pioneer Press book critic
Segment 3: Publications that publish book reviews

Episode 13
Segment 1: Thrillers and mysteries: is there a difference?
Segment 2: Guest author Libby Fischer Hellmann
Segment 3: Favorite thrillers of the panel

Episode 14
Segment 1: General research: where, how and why
Segment 2: Guest author Michael Allen Dymmoch
Segment 3: Research sources for beginning writers

Episode 15
Segment 1: Genre & sub-genre labels
Segment 2: Author Julie Kramer
Segment 3: Film & TV programs

Episode 16
Segment 1: Define the traditional mystery
Segment 2: Author Monica Ferris
Segment 3: Label meanings, a quiz

Episode 17
Segment 1: Significant mysteries
Segment 2: Editor Connie Hill
Segment 3: Editing today

Episode 18
Segment 1: Young adult fiction
Segment 2: Author Susan Runholt
Segment 3: The Crime Wave's favorite young adult books

Episode 19
Segment 1: Humor in mystery fiction
Segment 2: Author Pat Dennis
Segment 3: More on humorous mysteries

Episode 20
Segment 1: Book covers
Segment 2: Book cover designer John Toren
Segment 3: Personal experiences with book covers

Episode 21
Segment 1: Adaptations of books to movies
Segment 2: Author Libby Hellmann
Segment 3: Writing tips

Episode 22
Segment 1: A discussion of e-books
Segment 2: Author Erin Hart
Segment 3: More with Erin Hart

Episode 23
Segment 1: Carl, Ellen & Kent discuss their books and the writing process
Segment 2: Author Brian Freeman
Segment 3: More with Brian Freeman

Episode 24
Segment 1: Updates from Carl & Ellen; bookseller Ani Sorenson
Segment 2: More with Ani Sorenson
Segment 3: A discussion about independent bookstores

Episode 25
Segment 1: Carl & Ellen discuss what they've been reading; author Richard Thompson
Segment 2: More with Richard Thompson
Segment 3: More with Richard Thompson

Episode 26
Segment 1: A discussion of international crime fiction; author Cara Black
Segment 2: More with Cara Black
Segment 3: More with Cara Black; a discussion of Scandinavian crime fiction and international thrillers

Episode 27
Segment 1: Books made into movies; author Judith Guest
Segment 2: More with Judith Guest
Segment 3: More with Judith Guest; more about movie adaptations

Episode 28
Segment 1: Adaptations of crime novels to and from the stage; Park Square Theater Director David Mann
Segment 2: More with David Mann
Segment 3: More with David Mann; a discussion of Sherlock Holmes adaptations

Episode 29
Segment 1: Ellen Hart's Jane Lawless series
Segment 2: New trends in publishing
Segment 3: More about new trends in publishing; Kent Krueger's Vermilion Drift

Episode 30
Segment 1: A discussion about libraries; Friends of the Ramsey County Library Director Sue Gehrz
Segment 2: More with Sue Gehrz
Segment 3: More with Sue Gehrz; more about libraries

Episode 31
Segment 1: A discussion of characters; author Judith Yates Borger
Segment 2: More with Judith Yates Borger
Segment 3: More with Judith Yates Borger; a discussion of electronic rights; more on characters

Episode 28:

Episode 29:

Episode 30:

Episode 31:


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